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Politics and Policies - My Europe Festival

Politics and Policies (109 min.) - English subtitles

1. In Tirana Germany 6 min. by Roberto Anjari-Rossi
Olga is a Russian girl working as a prostitute in Germany, but one day – as she wishes – she´ll head towards Tirana for a better life...

2. Bingo The Netherlands 17 min. by Timur Ismailov
Three companions in distress - a Moldavian gypsy, a Russian and a Chechen - working for a shady Turkish labour subcontractor in Holland and helping each other to survive.

3. Cutecutecute Austria 2 min. by Clemens Kogler
Cute little critters tell about things which are normally sort of a taboo in society.

4. Nashi The Netherlands 26 min. by Daya Canen
“Nashi” means “Our ones” and is the name of an elitist Youth movement created by Vladimir Putin. The film shows these “chosen ones” at a summer camp, destined to become managers and politicians for Russia as a global leader of the 21st century.

5. The red gold Italy 12 min. by Cesare Fragnelli
Erika, who fled Romania some years earlier, lives her life as an ordinary housewife in Apulia. But her past life was not the life of an ordinary housewife.

6. I don´t feel like dancing Germany 7 min. by Evi Goldbrunner and Joachim Dollhopf
Somewhere in a war zone: three German soldiers ask a local girl in a club, if she would like to dance with them. The soldiers cannot deal with her refusal.

7. Sores und Sîrîn Germany 24 min. by Katrin Gebbe
Having fled from the Iraqi war, Sores and Sîrîn found a new home in Germany with their foster mother. But the sibling´s lives are in danger of being broken apart once again.

8. Ghosts Finland 15min. by Jan Ijäs
Morgan Devereaux, an asylum seeker, is dancing on the roof of a former paper envelope factory turned home for refugees. He doesn´t know how long he has been there. His life has come to a standstill: “I’m not dead, I just exist”

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